Lego: A history of toy building

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Lessons from the Boardroom: Back from the Brink interviews the people directly involved in LEGO's most critical period. Uncover the mistakes and decisions made by the world's most loved toy company in their battle for survival. Inside the Storm - Lego (1/4) Big businesses rise and fall every day. This documentary series follows the lifecycle of four of the biggest industry players, and reveals intimate details on how these companies were run. Supplemented by interviews from industry players and professionals from around the world, this series tells the story of how these titans of business managed to survive despite the state of odds and turbulence hitting them right where it matters. Lessons From The Boardroom: Back from the Brink, documents the survival techniques of major companies that nearly fell into the depths. LEGO Group, the world's most loved toy manufacturer, Garuda Airlines, one mans making of a billion from a dollar, Nintendo, the nostalgic giant that takes the world by storm, and Fujifilm, the camera and film manufacturer that made innovations in which you least expect. Watch insider testaments to the dealings that transformed industries and prevented these giants from the fall of their businesses

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Lego: A history of toy building

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