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Squeaks and Mister Brown learn all about echolocation, and how animals use it to sense things! First Grade Next Generation Science Standards Crosscutting Concept: Structure and Function: The way an object is shaped or structured determines many of its properties and functions. Disciplinary Core Ideas: LS1.A: Structure and Function - All organisms have external parts. Different animals use their body parts in different ways to see, hear, grasp objects, protect themselves, move from place to place, and seek, find, and take in food, water and air. Plants also have different parts (roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits) that help them survive and grow (1-LS1-1). LS1.D: Information Processing - Animals have body parts that capture and convey different kinds of information needed for growth and survival. Animals respond to these inputs with behaviors that help them survive. Plants also respond to some external inputs (1-LS1-1). Performance Expectation: 1-LS1-1. Use materials to design a solution to a human problem by mimicking

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Echolocation: Seeing with Sound! | Amazing Animal Senses | SciShow Kids

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